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Does this operation leave a scar?
Healing process completes in first 15 days after the operation. No observable scars remain.

Is there an age limit for doing hair implant?

Hair loss continues until mid-thirties. It is generally proper to do hair implant in the age 30 or over.

Does any bad appearance or hairlessness exist in the part where the hair is harvested?
When the healing process completes and your hair starts to grow, there would be no difference from the previous appearance.

When can I go back to work after hair transplantation?
You can go back your work after 3 days with a hat.

Can I take a trip after hair transplantation?
From technical aspect, there is not an obstacle to take a land, sea or air travel after doing hair implant but it is recommended to travel after the first consultation.

When does the first examination take place after the hair transplantation and are continuous consultations necessary?

The first examine is generally at the 3rd day of the operation. It does not necessitate continuous consultations. The patient can go back to his home if he comes from another city after the 3rd day.

Can women do hair implant?
Hair transplantation is generally an efficient technique for hair losses seen in male patients, which is the loss type called androgenik alopesi. In case of hair losses of women, it is suggested to use the drugs recommended by a dermatologist. Because in case of women patients, implanted hair follicles can be lost. So the success of this kind of operation is low.

Do I feel pain during hair transplantation?
Patient does not feel pain during hair transplantation because the part where the hair is harvested is being under local anesthesia and it is provided not to cause patient to feel pain during the operation.

Do I feel pain after hair transplantation?
Patients do not generally feel pain after hair transplantation. In case of occurrence some pain, oral pain killers can be used.

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