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Hair transplantation with PRP therapy

By the PRP (Rich Plasma Palatalet) treatment, your own blood is separated by a special process and a protein- and stem-reach part is used on the scalp.

Hair roots, which are collected during the procedure, are also protected in this plasma. The application of PRP treatment for hair transplantation revitalizes skin cells and reduces the hair growth period.

The hair transplant with the PRP therapy helps us in three areas:


  • The collected hair follicles remain alive for a long time;
  • Fast cure without scars in donor area;
  • Thin and lifeless hair can be revitalized through stimulation again.


There are 9 factors in the background of PRP. They result revitalization of hair roots by hair transplantation. New micro-wires are arisen and with oxygen and appropriate nutrients revive the roots of the hair and leads to fast growth.

Since it is obtained from your own blood, and has no artificial additives, this treatment is risk-free, does not cause allergies and is completely free of side effects.

You can also make a hair transplant with the PRP application.

The PRP during skin grafting is an additional therapy and reflects your personal preference.

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