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After Transplantation

After transplantation with FUE Method you will not have any pain at the first night and after. Please be aware from heavy and stressful situations, and doing sports.

Area of hair transplantation you should use the pillow given from the hospital for 4-5 days and sleep flat on back for 2-3 days.

After 48 hours of hair transplantation you can wash your hair including the area of transplantation. It is needed to apply hair lotion before having bath, and then you can wash your hair with special hair transplantation shampoo.

Transplantation area should not receive a blow especially for the first 3 days after transplantation. You should also take care for the other periods.

A hat is also needed to be use for the first 15 days of transplantation. It is also suggested to be aware of wetting your hair while swimming.

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